This product came about while listening to a wine bottle roll around our boat fridge late one night. The noise morphed with camping memories of hamburger packages floating in the grungy water at the bottom of the ice chest.
The Ice Grate is like an icebox version of a cockpit grate – with big holes. The holes stabilize cans, cartons and anything that tries to tip or roll. The 2” height keeps food that far from the bottom of the box.
The depressions on top of the grate keep wine bottles from rolling. The standard kit is made of 5 - 3/16” by 2” high flexible strips ( 2 tops,  3 bottoms) to form a 24” X 18” grid.
They can be easily cut to length with a saw or sharp serrated knife. Can be reassembled or slotted together inside the icebox opening. Easy to remove for cleaning. This product will save you pounds of stress and annoyance.

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Icebox Grate

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