• Treads for telescopic ladders
Newer ladders made with flattened rungs and moulded black treads are (a bit) more comfortable than conventional round rung ladders. But at 1½” wide and black, they are not exactly ideal for climbing barefoot out of the water. It turns out the black treads are(almost*) a standard size at 7 1/8” (18cm). The tread is designed for rungs that are a maximum of 3/4" thick, including the black plastic tread. We made the new treads as two pieces, that fasten around the rung like a clamshell, using just four stainless nuts and bolts (included). Tighten four bolts and that's it!

*To accommodate the variations in length, we leave a small lip at each end that can be trimmed to size with a knife or chisel.

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Treads for telescopic ladders

  • $28.95