When are you too old to cruise? When you can’t jump four feet off a moving boat onto a dock! With this in mind, we designed a step that can be attached to most sailboat toe-rails, using the hole spacing as the height adjustment – wider spacing of the hooks, higher step. This is not a static dock boarding step to fit under a lifeline gate – but it  serves that function perfectly.

The design is elegantly simple – a non-skid Seaboard plank 18” long, 6” wide and ¾” thick. That's long enough to stand diagonally facing the dock. Two Seaboard end pieces keep the plank two inches off the hull for toe clearance. The outboard adjusters align with your hull’s surface, no matter your hull shape. Seaboard will not scratch your hull! The Step is attached to rope like a swing –simple and self-adjusting. The loops at each end have marine snap clips that are attached with heavy-duty shackles (included) to the toe-rails. When away from the dock, the Step can be pulled up on deck or detached and stowed.

We can provide customized webbing “luggage tags” or soft shackles for boats without toe rails. 

You can have your boats name engraved in the nonskid plank. Prices start at $60CDN ($50US) Contact Apropos Marine for details

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Boarding Step

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